Spread Abundance & Kindness


Over 800 million people in the world live in extreme poverty, go to sleep hungry every night and or have no access to clean water. This means that one in nine inhabitants of our planet do not have access to essential means for proper health. 

Our effort is to give back by helping people around the world to overcome poverty by provide them with food, shelter, education, medical help and other services:

  1. Help people to claim rights for themselves.

  2. Speak out and demand justice..

  3. Reduce the risk to poor people of future natural disasters and/or crisis.

  4. Take fairer land policies and action on climate change.

  5. Stop people going hungry. Secure global food supplies so that people always have enough to eat.

  6. Push to secure adequate financial flows to sustain basic services for poor people.

By purchasing any of the items on our website you help our cause as we donate 5% of each purchases!

Our values

Empowerment , Unity, Love, Giving Back

Together we can make changes happen! We believe in spreading good positive intention of abundance so we can help steer humanity towards a bright future and to do our part by helping and shifting our consciousness towards unity, peace, love, oneness and healing rather than separateness. By doing so believe we can transform lives and our world for the better.

We know there is more than enough to go around and no one should be prevented from basic rights for food and clean water. We also know that what you give into this world is what you essentially get back!

Once abundance is shared, Abundance Flows!